Step UP!

Make your voice heard about Content Theft

What can YOU do to help the Step UP! campaign?

Exciting things are happening at Step UP! – and it’s no less than we expected when some of the most creative people in Second Life decide to get together and support a cause as vital to our future as protection against content theft.

Toxic Menges has made a great machinima for the campaign – which you can see here:

We’ve had two offers of land for Step UP! – which we’ll be telling you more about shortly.  And Seneca Sabra and Chooby Alphaville have made a great offer to Step UP! supporters:

Thank you for putting this campaign together!  Being new-ish to SL, we’re appalled at the idea of content theft, and are happy to support the movement.  We’ve recently opened The Ziggurat at Lovesea, a shopping region.  After getting the STEP UP! package we’ve updated our rental classified ad to offer 50% off three months rent for STEP UP! supporters.  We’ll also organize an event at Lovesea for November 5.

We wish them every success with this venture – and look forward to seeing Step UP! supporters there!

Step UP! backpack

Step UP! backpack

But more and more is happening!  People are working on PSA (Public Service Announcements), both video and audio.  We are starting work on a special interactive training area – which will give people the message directly – and creating a training video using the area.  We’re reaching out to the press across Second Life – and beyond, through press releases and interviews.  Already a solid group of inworld TV shows and magazines are behind us – but we want to add more … and with your help, we can!

We need posters, ribbons – can someone out there make steampunk orange ribbons?  Can someone make elven ribbons, ribbons for tinies, ribbons for dragons to wear as they fly?  We need you!

And we need people to make Step UP! goods like the cute orange backpack in the picture, made by Manis Lane & Dian Wemyss.  And do you know what?  Whoever touches it will receive the Step UP! kit, with ribbon, notecards and logo texture – so you can promote Step UP! as you walk the grid!  What fun things could YOU make to promote Step UP! Day and the Step UP! campaign?

We need people to work on PR, to write for us, to translate for us, to design for us, to create for us!

Join the Ning group – and then go to the Groups tab.  Select the Group/Groups that you would like to join, then join in the discussion and offer your services.  Everyone has a talent to offer – and we need thm all!

So … Step UP! to the Ning today – and join us in our campaign to make the grid a better, safer place for content creators!


October 3, 2009 - Posted by | Getting Step UP! stuff, Step Up! Campaign

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