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Making your sky turn Step UP!

Sky banners on Planet Mongo

Sky banners on Planet Mongo

The awesome Lumiere Noir held two workshops last night to help us make Step UP! sky banners ahead of Step UP! Dau on November 5th.

We now have a banner that will cover an entire sim – as you can see in the photograph.  Pssst … see that dark dot hovering OVER the point of the exclamation mark?  That’s me, that is!

Full Sim Step UP! Sky Banner

Full Sim Step UP! Sky Banner

The underside of the banner is transparent so that it shouldn’t block your sky – and it’s phantom too, so you can easily fly right through it.  The underside of the letters can be seen, but will be unnoticeable at our recommended height of 350 feet.

Orange Ribbon Sky Banner

Orange Ribbon Sky Banner

We also have a smaller banner in the shape of a ribbon, designed by Aisling Sinclair.  This will fit over even a small piece of land – and yet be visible on the map when the Lindens update it.

You can pick up the signs from the Step UP! Headquarters on Planet Mongo where they are set up for sale for L$0.  DarionMonkee Levitt volunteered her time to set the full sim version up in a Rez-Faux system. Due to keeping safe permissions … the Rez-Faux and build are no mod/no transfer.  The ribbon for smaller areas are available in a box that can be bought for L$0 too.

We are planning to release the signs on xStreetSL shortly.


October 30, 2009 - Posted by | Getting Step UP! stuff, Step Up! Campaign

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