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Shannon Oherlihy sings for Step UP!

Step UP! logo

Step UP! logo

At 4pm SLT, Shannon Oherihy is singing LIVE at Planet Mongo to celebrate Step UP! Day!

Shannon Oherlihy (Shannon McMahon in rl) is a singer/songwriter/ guitar player based in Stratford, CT. She has been singing since she was a little girl, when she sang into her hairbrush along with Carly Simon records. When she was nine, she got her first guitar, and started writing her own songs at the age of ten. Inspired by the music of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan, Shannon found her musical roots in contemporary folk.

Her music is available at:
and on iTunes


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Cool gifts for Step UP!

Step UP! Bear from Sway Creations

People have been making some very cool goodies for Step UP!

We have lost our hearts to this very cute Step UP! bear made by the talented Sway Dench, the creator of the Cookie Bears. You can get your own by tp-ing into the Sway’s Creations sim and buying one (for no Lindens) from the giant bear you’ll find there (he gives you little ones with Step UP! information.

Ona Ra has made a great sculpted prim ribbon – very useful for display purposes – IM her if you would like one.  And we have a great Step UP! pin ribbon from Hearther Connelly that you can wear on your hat!


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Avatar Quinzet plays for Step UP!

Step UP! logo

Step UP! logo

At 3pm SLT, Avatar Quinzet is LIVE Music at Planet Mongo to celebrate Step UP! Day!

Avatar Quinzet (RL Quintin Stephens) got an early start on dulcimer at the age of eight and has played and given workshops on the instrument for more than 34 years. Along the way, he also got sideswiped by a rogue dobro guitar. Starting off playing Carter Family-style, he was seduced by the dark side and discovered Blues/Rock and Delta Slide Blues music. Bringing many of the techniques and tricks over from guitar to the dulcimer, Avatar is especially recognized for his double-stop and two-handed-tapping techniques. He has no qualms about freely adapting styles to create the music he hears in his head.

A 34-year veteran of the RL music business, Avatar is often described as a nod to the traditional with one finger on the Photon Disruptor! From traditional folks songs of early America to smokin’ hot originals, Avatar delivers all on his dulcimer with his distinctly “back-beat” feel that gets everyone up and moving! Or, with his blues music covering such greats as Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Jefferson, Josh White and John Lee Hooker, to modern blues musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Avatar delivers all with his trusty acoustics by his side like a good pair of Colts. His shows cover a lot of ground musically while switching between all these instruments.

Listen to his music at:

RL Concert Footage:

SL Concert Footage:

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Michi Renoir plays for Step UP!

Step UP! logo

Step UP! logo

At 1pm SLT, Michi Renoir is playing LIVE Music at the Step UP! Art Gallery on Toor to celebrate Step UP! Day!

A classically trained pianist from the age of 8, Michi also dabbled as a ‘guitar hero’ in his youth. Jon Lord (Deep Purple) became his muse, and inspired him to play very differently.

Keyboards & piano combine uniquely, & Michi incorporates many genres in both his originals & remixes – his music has been described as “amazing, a musical journey to take listeners to another plane of reality”.

Michi’s personality, and love of improvisation ensure that no performance is the same.

A spectacular show complements the music, with a few surprises along the way – Michi’s concerts aren’t to be missed!

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Truelie Telling plays for Step UP!

Step UP! logo

Step UP! logo

At 11am SLT, Truelie Telling is kicking off eleven hours of LIVE Step UP Music at Planet Mongo to celebrate Step UP! Day!

Truelie Telling has been making up tunes since she was in the crib, so she arrived here with a big catalog of original songs. She plays guitar and sings in a rambling rumbling vocal style that has been compared to every chick singer from the ’40s to the ’00s, but doesn’t really sound like anyone else.

She loves Second Life and has been writing songs about it since she first moved here in December of 2007, so you can expect to hear songs about rl and sl – although sometimes she’s confused about which is which. She calls herself a countrypunkfolkjazzcomedyrock performer who has overcome her classical training, with the heart of an old hippy happily inhabiting a much younger, much more beautiful avvie.

Listen to her music at:

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Step UP! Day Party News

Step UP! Party Materials

Step UP! Party Materials

Step UP! Day will kick off with Tommy Scorpio playing at Planet Mongo at 12 midnight!

We’ll have a combination of live SL musicians and SL musicians streamed on Indie Spectrum Radio playing throughout the day. Watch the blog for details of how to grab the relevant streams!

Tommy Scorpio is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. who play a mix of covers and his own originals. His biggest influences are bands in the britpop and Indie scene of the 90´s, but his first influence was when he was six years old and got a tape wth Elvis Presley on. Also influenced by Beach Boys and other great bands and artists of the 60´s.

Tommy’s stream is:

After that we will have several hours from Indie Spectrum Radio. You can play it through their radios – see for details.

You can also get a range of materials for your party from XStreet SL – Textures and Information Packs to display!

And don’t forget your special Freddie Bleac Step UP! fireworks!

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