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Thank you, everyone, for Stepping UP!

Step UP! Bear from Sway CreationsWe would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in Step UP! Day. It was a large undertaking, and it couldn’t have happened without the time, patience and sheer hard work by a whole range of people.

We believe that, for the first event of its kind, started just over a month ago, this has been a great success.

It wasn’t perfect, of course, and there are lessons to be learned. But we believe that the overall impact and effect of Step UP! has been incredibly positive.

Step UP! ribbon

Step UP! ribbon

We now come to the next stage of Step UP! There is a legacy in terms of materials and ideas. Over the next few weeks, we think we should explore that legacy and how we can move forward. We’ll both be setting out some thoughts on our blogs and linking here – we’d like to encourage you all to do the same, so that we can move the discussion on.

We have some great educational materials, for example, and some ideas have come up about ways in which they could be used, such as creating a Step UP! information book and /or information packs. There’s also the idea of a coffee table book of Step UP! materials, events and exhibitions.

There are also other issues that came up during the planning – such as looking at having a RL component to Step UP! and even developing a database or registry.

We are talking on the Ning about ways in which these ideas – and the materials we developed – can be taken further, especially to re-enforce our campaign of education.  If you’d like to be part of that discussion, please join the Ning.

And we will very soon, we hope, be sharing here with you our plans for the next stage of Step UP!


November 8, 2009 - Posted by | Step Up! Campaign, Step Up! Day

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