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After Step UP! Day on November 5th, we’ve been discussing what we should do next.

There is a legacy in terms of materials and ideas. We now have some great educational materials, for example, and some ideas have come up about ways in which they could be used, such as creating a Step UP! information book and /or information packs. There’s also the idea of a coffee table book of Step UP! materials, events and exhibitions.

There are also other issues that came up during the planning – such as looking at having a RL component to Step UP! and even developing a database or registry.

To draw all this together, and to begin the work of education that we’ve laid stress upon, we want to start planning for what we are calling a Step UP! University.

Step UP! University
Step UP! University will be a totally mobile schedule of conferences, classes, presentations and workshops open to all.

We will invite some people to give a presentation or teach a class, but anyone can submit a course outline on what they want to teach or talk about. People who want to offer sims or spaces for meetings can do so, or we can organise provision of suitable spaces.

Some suggested topics for the University are:
• Help! I think this is stolen! What do I do?
• How do I file a DMCA?
• Content theft or copyright violation?
• US versus European law – can we use either?
• How can we protect our rights?

We think that there would be four course verticals that represent the different types of residents that the courses should be structured after: General, Consumers, Business Owners, and Artists/Musicians. Just like a real university, courses will be open to all, so you could, for example, attend a class in the Art strand even if you were in general on Consumers strand.

So … we’re now open to your ideas and help. What do you think? How would you be prepared to help? And what do you think should be our timeline on this?  If you want to play a part, join our Ning where we are planning this, or add your comments on this blog!


December 30, 2009 - Posted by | Step Up! Campaign

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  1. you rock guys!

    Comment by vhee | June 11, 2010 | Reply

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