Step UP!

Make your voice heard about Content Theft

Cool gifts for Step UP!

Step UP! Bear from Sway Creations

People have been making some very cool goodies for Step UP!

We have lost our hearts to this very cute Step UP! bear made by the talented Sway Dench, the creator of the Cookie Bears. You can get your own by tp-ing into the Sway’s Creations sim and buying one (for no Lindens) from the giant bear you’ll find there (he gives you little ones with Step UP! information.

Ona Ra has made a great sculpted prim ribbon – very useful for display purposes – IM her if you would like one.  And we have a great Step UP! pin ribbon from Hearther Connelly that you can wear on your hat!



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Make your Step UP! party an explosive success!

Step UP! Fireworks at the Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

Step UP! Fireworks at the Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

You know how we have been urging everyone to hold Step UP! parties on November 5th?  Now we have something to make your party an explosive success – Step UP! fireworks.

The talented firework maker Freddie Bleac (who appeared on a Meta Makeover show last year) has made a special set of Step UP! fireworks – and they are available for 0 Lindens on his XStreetSL website.  The effects are awesome – we guarantee you will love this way of advertising Step UP!

Step UP! Fireworks at the Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

Step UP! Fireworks at the Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

Over the next couple of days we will be posting more information on how you can plane, decorate and celebrate at your Step UP! party!

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Making your sky turn Step UP!

Sky banners on Planet Mongo

Sky banners on Planet Mongo

The awesome Lumiere Noir held two workshops last night to help us make Step UP! sky banners ahead of Step UP! Dau on November 5th.

We now have a banner that will cover an entire sim – as you can see in the photograph.  Pssst … see that dark dot hovering OVER the point of the exclamation mark?  That’s me, that is!

Full Sim Step UP! Sky Banner

Full Sim Step UP! Sky Banner

The underside of the banner is transparent so that it shouldn’t block your sky – and it’s phantom too, so you can easily fly right through it.  The underside of the letters can be seen, but will be unnoticeable at our recommended height of 350 feet.

Orange Ribbon Sky Banner

Orange Ribbon Sky Banner

We also have a smaller banner in the shape of a ribbon, designed by Aisling Sinclair.  This will fit over even a small piece of land – and yet be visible on the map when the Lindens update it.

You can pick up the signs from the Step UP! Headquarters on Planet Mongo where they are set up for sale for L$0.  DarionMonkee Levitt volunteered her time to set the full sim version up in a Rez-Faux system. Due to keeping safe permissions … the Rez-Faux and build are no mod/no transfer.  The ribbon for smaller areas are available in a box that can be bought for L$0 too.

We are planning to release the signs on xStreetSL shortly.

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Turning the sky Step UP!

Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

Step UP! HQ on Planet Mongo

Crap Mariner came up with a BRILLIANT idea for Step UP! and now is the time to put it into action!

Crap wrote:
What about 256×256×1 megaprims with the ribbons for sim owners to place in the sky before 11/5 so the map will have plenty of unavoidable symbols of protest?

We think this is a great idea – and to get it ready, we’re going to have a workshop/class to make suitable sky signs. These can then be distributed through the Step UP! inworld group and through xStreet.

When you rezz these high in the sky, over your land (whether a small 512 or an entire region) they will be visible on the map. The more Step UP! sky signs we can create and position, the more they will be visible to everyone opening the map on November 5th.

Lumiere Noir of Ivory Tower Library of Primitives will lead the workshop/class, so it will be a great chance to learn about what can be done with megas and how YOU can customise your sky for Step UP!

It will be held at the great new Step UP! headquarters on Planet Mongo. Lumiere has donated this sim for us to use in the build up to Step UP! – so come and see the build he’s created – and the amazing Mall that CaSimone Aquitance created for use in Toxic Menges’ video!

There will be two workshops on Thursday 29th October at 4pm SLT and 7pm SLT.

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What can YOU do to help the Step UP! campaign?

Exciting things are happening at Step UP! – and it’s no less than we expected when some of the most creative people in Second Life decide to get together and support a cause as vital to our future as protection against content theft.

Toxic Menges has made a great machinima for the campaign – which you can see here:

We’ve had two offers of land for Step UP! – which we’ll be telling you more about shortly.  And Seneca Sabra and Chooby Alphaville have made a great offer to Step UP! supporters:

Thank you for putting this campaign together!  Being new-ish to SL, we’re appalled at the idea of content theft, and are happy to support the movement.  We’ve recently opened The Ziggurat at Lovesea, a shopping region.  After getting the STEP UP! package we’ve updated our rental classified ad to offer 50% off three months rent for STEP UP! supporters.  We’ll also organize an event at Lovesea for November 5.

We wish them every success with this venture – and look forward to seeing Step UP! supporters there!

Step UP! backpack

Step UP! backpack

But more and more is happening!  People are working on PSA (Public Service Announcements), both video and audio.  We are starting work on a special interactive training area – which will give people the message directly – and creating a training video using the area.  We’re reaching out to the press across Second Life – and beyond, through press releases and interviews.  Already a solid group of inworld TV shows and magazines are behind us – but we want to add more … and with your help, we can!

We need posters, ribbons – can someone out there make steampunk orange ribbons?  Can someone make elven ribbons, ribbons for tinies, ribbons for dragons to wear as they fly?  We need you!

And we need people to make Step UP! goods like the cute orange backpack in the picture, made by Manis Lane & Dian Wemyss.  And do you know what?  Whoever touches it will receive the Step UP! kit, with ribbon, notecards and logo texture – so you can promote Step UP! as you walk the grid!  What fun things could YOU make to promote Step UP! Day and the Step UP! campaign?

We need people to work on PR, to write for us, to translate for us, to design for us, to create for us!

Join the Ning group – and then go to the Groups tab.  Select the Group/Groups that you would like to join, then join in the discussion and offer your services.  Everyone has a talent to offer – and we need thm all!

So … Step UP! to the Ning today – and join us in our campaign to make the grid a better, safer place for content creators!

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Step UP! kiosks are now available on XStreet

Step UP! logo

Step UP! logo

In the comments on the blog, people have asked if we could make our kiosks available on XStreet.

We’ve done that now, and you should find them at, or you can search on Step UP!  They are, of course, free.

Each box conains:
1) A Step UP! ribbon to wear
(Of course – you can make your own!)

2) What is Step UP! ?
A note card explaining what the Step UP! campaign is.

3) Step UP! against Content Theft
A notecard explaining how YOU can help to prevent content theft.

4) How Can I Help?
A notecard explaining how you can become involved in the Step UP! campaign

5) Step UP! logo
A texture for you to use in further publicising the Step UP! campaign – although you can also make your own!

It’s copyable and transferable, so you can hand it out to all your friends, favourite stores, passing strangers in the street … and help us get the Step UP! message out to everyone!  And it’s sellable – so you can put oit out on your lland so that people can buy a copy.

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Step UP ribbons, information packs and kiosks now available!

Step UP! pack

Step UP! pack

The standard ribbons and kiosk packs for Step UP! are now available.  They’ve been sent to members of the Content Creators Association – in a few hours they’ll be sent to Prim Perfect, Primgraph and Designing Worlds subscribers – that’s over 10,000 avatars.

At the moment, you can pick up copies from:
Prim Perfect Main Offices
The Primgraph Press and
Designing Worlds Studio (just follow the signs from the landing point to the DW studios and you’ll find it)

We’ll be adding to this list as more people set out kiosks – and tell us the location!

Each kiosk, as well as containing the ribbon and the info sheets, also contains a complete kiosk, which you can rezz and place on your own land or give to friends.  That way we can spread the news and tools of Step UP! across the grid.

And remember – we’re perfectly happy for you to produce your own kiosks and ribbons – in fact, we’re encouraging this!  We just ask that you include the notecards that come inside the kiosk so that we can ensure consistency of information.

At the moment, kiosks and information are only available in English.  Tomorrow we will be starting to look at supplying everything in a variety of languages – so watch this space!

If you rezz a kiosk on your own land, please post the details here so that people can see how they can access them easily!

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